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The Depressed Programmer

“Depression”, Ignite Session at OSCON 2013 by Paul Fenwick (@pjf)

You are not alone.

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MS Build 2012 Sold Out Fast

I had this one on my radar for a while, and last night I had a minute to check on it. Well, it looked like it was sold out, so I shrugged and sighed and figured maybe another year.

But now I’ve stumbled upon a ZDNet article that gives a bit more background, and it’s worth thinking about it for a minute:

At 8 am PT on 8/8, Microsoft opened registration for its second Build developer conference.
An hour later, those attempting to sign up were getting a “We’re full. Keep calm and join the wait list” message. There is no published agenda for Build 2012.

It seems MS has been able to generate some excitement with Build’12 after all. Sure, we all know last year they chose that venue for a little announcement, and we are expecting that same product to hit the shelves any minute now…

Still, selling out in 1 hr is an impressive feat – especially for the software company everyone loved to hate for… oh the last 10/15 years?

Of course, we can speculate that they had 3 tickets on sale (which makes the selling out considerably easier), that people signed up planning to sell tickets online if they don’t like the published agenda (when/if we’ll see one), and so on so forth. But that’s just mean. Let’s sit for a second and think about the work MS (or, at least some people at MS) have done in the last 5 years to turn (or, at least begin to turn) the public opinion around.

Good job!

Now: can anyone explain to me why the conference name has not become some sort of issue yet?

Cover image retrieved from TheVerge, because Build Windows, the conference web site, uses a white text on transparent background image as logo, and I don’t have time to open Photoshop or hack this blog’s theme to set the image-wrapper background to that orange.