VS2012 Launch Day Quotes

While there was a lot of buzz about another media event today (cough…iPhone5..cough), some were gathered in Seattle for the Visual Studio 2012 Launch Event.

Lacking the gift of ubiquity, and having a few other things to do, I didn’t watch the latter live, but found an awesome post by David Starr of Elegant Code. You can see the most valuable quotes he collected throughout the day, but here’s the double-filtered list by yours truly:

  • “The new WPF editor in VS is Blend in the background” and “Expression Blend is now part of the Visual Studio family”: grats to the Blend Team: it seems they (and Blend) have been growing at a great pace!
  • “We need to make deployment part of the standard development lifecycle”: Amen to that, and DevOps for all!
  • “More data will be generated in the next 5 years than has been generated in all history”: so, yeah, I think we can get some data-driven feedback and improvement cycle going, if we really want to, no matter what organization you’re working for.
  • “VS 2012 Update 1 will release before the end of the year. A CTP of this update will be released later this month. We will continue delivering on a regular cadence from then on”: I know I’ll soon hate the frequent updates, but if they make them almost-frictionless, I’ll love them more!
  • “The key for any feedback to be effective is ensuring the right people are engaged at the right moment”: which I nominate as candidate for things they need to teach in school; Business School primarily, but all schools, really.
  • “Now that we can deliver more frequently, IT is seen by the rest of the company as more valuable”: More Continuous, More DevOps, More Value!

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