Windows Phone 8 Sort-of MIA?

Ars Technica posted an interesting article a few days ago.

After the presentation to the media of the Samsung ATIV S and Nokia Lumia 820 and 920, all intended to run the new version of Microsoft’s OS for smartphones, Windows Phone 8 (that’s too long, let’s call it WinP8 for now), Ars Technica started wondering about the state of the WinP8 OS.

Windows Phone 8 isn’t done yet. Not only is Windows Phone 8 not done, it’s not even public yet.
Where oh Where is Windows Phone 8?

I’ll let you read the rest from the source, but essentially, it is a good time to wonder about the state and future of WinP8.
Admittedly, many might think that Microsoft is a minor player in this market, but I think MS considered WinP8 a great opportunity to cut a wedge in the mobile market. Not only, but WinP8, at least from a marketing perspective, is tied with the upcoming Windows 8 OS (let’s call this one Win8), because of the branding, the release time-frame, the touch-based focus of Win8, and more. The technicians might tell us otherwise, but I’m thinking the average customer will easily see Win8 and WinP8 as one, or sibling flavors of the same initiative by MS.

We shall see, probably in a matter of days, what news we’ll hear about WinP8, and throughout September, about Win8. Hopefully we’ll get great products from Redmond (I’m not a MS fanboy.. I’m just a customer and better products are great for the market as a whole).


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