Reading List 3

This week: Amazon Glacier, RWW vs. Gartner on HTML5, XSS, iframe sandbox, Presidential Race app face-off, Dolphin, EntLib, and WIn8 PULSB.

  • Amazon Glacier “an extremely low-cost storage service that provides secure and durable storage for data archiving and backup” joins the AWS family.
  • RWW disagrees on Gartner’s assessment of HTML5: Essentially, the research firm Gartner posted a report placing HTML5 over the Hype Cycle curve still before the “Peak of Inflated Expectations”. This would mean that the HTML5 technology/platform is still a long shot from being stable (with ramifications from an ROI perspective for most businesses). RWW’s article explains why this seems to miss the mark. And I tend to agree with RWW although I haven’t found the time to write out a longer justification for my feelings in regard.
  • XSS and Tesco: well, I hope you read this with the intent of learning something, rather than bashing a specific company… #Security Online is such an important topic, we should all try and pay as much attention to it as we can. With that perspective, here’s also the associated HN discussion.
  • FF supports <iframe sandbox=””>; the Mozilla Wiki page on this topic indicates support is targeted for FF16, so this commit isn’t going to change the world of browsers overnight, but for those looking ahead (or anxiously awaiting this feature), it’s noteworthy due to the importance of the sandbox attribute in relation to XSS attacks and security in general. (Current X-Browser support table available on
  • Obama-App vs Romney-App: comparing the official native and mobile-web apps developed by the President and the (at this time presumptive) Republican candidate. ‘Tis the election season, after all, no?
  • Dolphin passes Ringmark Ring 1: the first mobile browser to do so. Insert standard cautionary warning about the value of codified test suites. (Dolphin Browser: Web Site, and on Google Play)
  • MS EntLib vNext: an update from MS on the next version of EntLib, and a call for feedback (at the bottom of the post) to help draw the road-map for this classic set of libraries.
  • Win8 PULSB for PC home builders: Expect a new flavour of license to be available with Win8: personal Use License for System Builder (PULSB), which seems aimed at those that like to build their own PC (previously these individuals had to either pay a higher sticker price for the full license, or find a cheaper OEM license that MS would forever frown upon).

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