From “The Simplicity of Nothingness”

I won’t mirror the whole thing, but strongly recommend you take 5 minutes of your time to read The Simplicity of Nothingness by Jon Wagner.

Especially if you’re a UI/UX Designer. And even if you’re not, but are involved in software craft… because that means you are involved with designing UI/UX. EVen if you don’t concern yourself with the pixels on screen, even if you work at deeper layers, where the user is but an abstract entity out there that sends inputs and expects outputs.. Even if all that is true, you are probably developing a model, call it a mental model if you want, that will influence the user, so you are a UX designer.


  • Nothing is always easier to use than something. If you want something to be fun and easy-to-use, then make it do as little as possible.
  • A blank page lets people dream. And people normally dream happy things. Therefore, try to capture happy thoughts by letting people start from a blank page and see where that leads you.

The Simplicity of Nothingness


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